Варшавский пацан

Ещё вещицы от проекта Łukasz Garlicki и Jacek Jędrasik «Варшавский пацан».

Projekt WARSZAWIAK — Felek Zdankiewicz

Projekt WARSZAWIAK — Tango Apaszowskie

О своём проекте ребята пишут следующее:

WARSAW. A city with a broken spine, destroyed tradition and ugly, impolite character, deserves respect. There are few authentic trails of the past left, so it’s worth it to look for them and to share with others even more.

This project is a tribute to all the Warsaw street musicians, pre-war composers, and song writers who gave the music spirit to this city…
Legendary street tunes and lyrics were the inspiration to create the tracks described by digital effects, samples, electronic beat and live instruments.
Special thanks and regards to the Chmielna Street Orchestra – the real source of the party-and-music raptures!

пожелаем им успеха, тем более, что не часто услышишь столь выдающийся инди-проект.

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