Josh Freese выбивает дурь из ударных

Josh Freese

В блоге митхеда я неоднократно читал о идолопоклонению Джошу Фризу — лучшему ударнику NIN по его мнению. И тут я увидел это видео. Я никогда не видел столь самоотверженных ударных. Фриз херачит так, что кажется он не играет, а выбивает из кого-то всю дурь под музыку.

Josh Freese drumming «Wish» live with NIN

К счастью Фриз проникся интересом фэнов к его работе в рамках Lights In The Sky тура и записал несколько качественных видео.

Figured it’s about time to finally post something that related to drums and music seeing that everything I’ve ever posted is just a bunch of craziness really. I loved playing with NIN and the last month I was on tour with them decided to throw up a couple of FLIP cameras, get a live mix from the board that night of a few songs (thanks Pete) and one day I’d get around to messing around with them on my lap-top. Well, the Lights In The Sky fan video that just came out was great and inspired me to put this one up for the drummers that have ever asked me to post drum-related stuff (and anyone else interested.) Try and get through the first half because the 2nd half is pretty kick ass! I’m proud of my involvement with NIN and to stay I enjoyed doing this every night would be an understatement. -Josh

Эта вообще чумовая. Поражает насколько он на волне.

Josh Freese drumming «1,000,000» and «Letting You» live with NIN

Here’s the 4th and last of the drum perspective songs I shot with FLIP cams in December of 2008 with NIN. I forgot that I had this one and never posted it. This was the opening of the «Lights In The Sky Tour» for pretty much all of ’08. It goes into «Letting You» which I know I already previously posted but I let it run right into it on the video anyway. Nothing fancy but some good old fashioned «beating the hell out of the drums.» 1,000,000 is one of my favorite NIN songs (nice and angry) and was exciting to open the show with every night.

ну и классический трэк:

Josh Freese drumming «March Of The Pigs» live with NIN

Ещё интересное


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