The Jean Genie

На днях откопали единственную сохранившуюся копию записи выступления Дэвида Боуи на Top Of The Pops записанную 3 января и запущенную в эфир 4 января 1973, которую считали утерянной. И позавчера, 21 декабря 2011, её показали зрителям повторно. 🙂

David Bowie. The ‘Jean Genie’ — 1973. BBC. Top Of The Pops

Вот что пишет NME по этому поводу:

Rare footage of David Bowie performing on Top Of The Pops is to be broadcast on BBC 2 tonight (December 21).

The footage, which sees the singer play “The Jean Genie’” had been lost until last week, when retired TV cameraman John Henshall came forward with a copy of the performance. It was previously believed that every copy of the UK Number 2 hit had been destroyed.

The four-minute clip will now be included in tonight’s Top Of The Pops Christmas Special at 7.30pm (GMT).

Executive producer of Top Of The Pops 2 Mark Cooper told BBC News:

“Bowie singing ‘The Jean Genie’ is electric and the kind of piece of archive that not only brings back how brilliant Top Of The Pops could be, but also how a piece of archive can speak to us down the years.”

Ещё интересное