I’m Gonna Booglaraize You Baby

Ещё одна жемчужина. Просто убойное шоу Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band образца 1972 года: Zoot Horn Rollo, Ed Marimba, Roy Estrada, Rockette Morton и Winged Eel Fingerling.

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band — Full Beat Club Sessions in Bremen — April 12, 1972

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band
Radio Bremen, Funkhaus, Bremen, Germany
TV Program ‘Beat Club’
April 12, 1972

1. Hair Pie Bass Solo (The Mascara Snake) (0:00)
2. Click Clack Take 1 (3:08)
3. Click Clack Take 2 (6:51)
4. Golden Birdies and Band Intro (8:18)
5. I’m Gonna Booglaraize You Baby Take 1 (11:12)
6. I’m Gonna Booglaraize You Baby Take 2 (15:41)
7. Steal Softly Through Snow (Band Instrumental) (20:49)
8. I’m Gonna Booglaraize You Baby Take 3 (24:18)

музыканты вспоминают:

Bill Harkleroad: I’m Gonna Booglarize You got played an awful lot and was definitely part of our live show. Like Click Clack and Alice In Blunderland, Booglarize you was a staple part of the set on three basic tours — 1971, 1972 and 1973. I can specifically remember the band performing it on a German TV show called Beat Club. Like all TV shows at that time, they weren’t ready for loudly performed music. Our type of music was designed to be played loud, it didn’t have to be earsplitting, but it had to be played with a certain amount of volume just to push enough air to feel the excitement level of it — because we did have energy, no question about it!
I remember how difficult it was, beating the crap out of the instrument and jumping around, when you could hear people whispering over the low volume. … Back then live TV shows were only one step better than lip-synching. It always felt funny playing to 30-odd people who were clapping politely while the TV producer was trying to make it look like a crowd 500. It was a very sterile environment and of course the Magic Band came over as being totally ‘over-the-top’ with our look — I remember stumbling around on my high heeled green shoes.

Heiko Hasenbein: They played I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby. The presenter called the song burlesque and pointed out that Captain Beefheart is musically connected with Frank Zappa; she said that Captain Beefheart doesn’t want to hear about this, because he always gets wild and crazy if someone mentions Frank Zappa. The live performance was astonishing. Captain Beefheart got two microphones bound together with tape. He tried to hit the deepest note he could get. Beefheart wore a black jacket and red satin trousers. The band (Zoot Horn Rollo, Ed Marimba, Roy Estrada, Rockette Morton, Winged Eel Fingerling) sounded tight and compact to give Captain Beefheart the vocal freedom he needs. The psychedelic light effects were a bit disturbing; but apart from that a great performance with Captain Beefheart in fine form.

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