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Один из самых запоминающихся трэков Black Tongue с альбома Asshole, одного из основателей группы Kiss, Джина Симмонса, ипользует один из неиспользованных рифов Фрэнка Заппы. Это психоделический джем с гитарой, которая воет словно доисторическая рептилия.

Как объясняет Джин Симмонс: “I’ve always admired Frank Zappa. He invited me over to his house right before he unfortunately passed away. We had a real heart to heart. He said some very kind things to me and showed me his library of tapes, things that had never been released.»

Gene Simmons-Black Tongue

«After his death it struck me that a lot of material wasn’t going to see the light of day. So I called up his wife, Gail Zappa. I told her about my album and said, “Are there any bits of songs that Frank never finished. I would be honored to write a brand new song around a theme of some kind. His son, Dweezil, got involved early on and he played me about ten different pieces. I was immediately struck by this piece, it’s a sample of Frank talking (“Alright kids, here’s a real rock and roll song”) and then the descending riff is the basis of the song, which was ironically called ‘Black Tongue.’ Almost the entire Zappa family, Gail, Dweezil, Ahmet and Moon and I sang the background vocals on the chorus. Dweezil found some guitar solo bits that his father had done and was able to extract that. So the song actually has some lead guitar playing by Frank as well as talking in the song.”

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