Beautiful War

Гаррет Хедлунд

Гаррет Хедлунд в новом клипе Kings Of Leon Beautiful War. Клип отличный, в жанре «художественное кино».

Kings Of Leon — Beautiful War

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Good song… stupid, fucking storyline. OK, I know it’s just fiction but he says, «I’m sorry»?… you were being an asshole and then killed someone, dude, not just eat her last slice of pizza. But, hey, she is still so proud of her «jail-house cowboy» in the end, right? Because women love us guys best as degenerates, right? Especially if we are attractive & incorrigible, right? I remember watching stupid shit like this when I was really young, and having a warped sense of reality & values because of it. Even today, it’s hard to break the cold, bad habits & thoughts of entitlement. We’re all just degenerate cowboys too now; except with more money & an education.

nuff said

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